Saturday, July 9, 2011

Non-writing Writing Tip: Vacuum

"If it weren't for my novel, my closets would never get cleaned."

I wish I could remember who tweeted this quote, but it's true. (Note: If you know who said this, tell me and I'll link to them.)

I've been on writers forums and email lists for years and one topic that often comes up is housework. There are the writers who bemoan their cluttered house, and the writers who suddenly feel the urge to clean something instead of editing that scene--you know that scene, the one you should've edited a long time ago?

Here's a quick tip--from a guy who happens to be a bit of a clean freak--to help everyone: Use your vacuum.

Instead of pulling out the broom, pull out the vacuum and use the bare floor setting. It will suck up all the mess and get into the corners and under the fridge.

Instead of pulling out a dustpan, the wand attachment works well inside cabinets, in bathrooms (if the mess is dry), and under furniture.

Lost a small item, put a bit of old panty hose over the end of the wand and snap on the brush attachment. When you're done the item will be stuck in the panty hose. If you have lots of small items put the panty hose on loosely so it forms a longer pocket in the wand.

Need to dust, get some canned air. Place the vacuum wand on one side and use the canned air to spray the dust into it.

Need to clean up crumbs on the counter or table (as long as they're not greasy), attach the brush attachment to the wand and clean up. Then finish off with a couple swipes with an anti-bacterial wipe.


Now, get back to writing.

Question: What household shortcut do you use to find more time to write?

* Fun housework photo taken by "the Italian voice" can can be found on Flickr.

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