Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Technical Tuesdays?

I'm thinking of starting a thing on my blog called Technical Tuesday. But I'm not sure if I should make it a thing or not, so I'm just going to try it out for a while.

What is Technical Tuesday? I'm glad you asked.

Technical Tuesday is when I answer writing technology questions. Want to add gadgets to your Blogger blog? Learn how the Document Map in Word can quickly jump between chapters? How about creating a theme for your Twitter page? Or even setting up a Facebook author page? That's what Technical Tuesdays are about.

I'm excited to try this because it combines two things I love: technology and writing. I've been programming websites and software for over 12 years, so I understand technology (and the stuff I don't understand I can learn quickly). On top of that, I've worked as a technical writer, but don't worry I'll try to keep things from getting to dry. Lastly, I love to write stories and blogs and my own journal and emails. So, with my feet firmly planted on both sides of the Writer Geek fence, I'm going to bring you Technical Tuesday.

Now's your chance. Leave a comment with your technical question(s) and I'll pick one for next week.

* Just looking at the typewriter photo made my fingers ache. Photographer: mikeymckay.


Donna K. Weaver said...

How do I get that cool gadget that shows how far I am on my WIP?

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Oh my gosh. Every single one of those are things I want to learn. I'm so not technical at all.

I want to figure out how to do an awesome FB author page. =)

Rebecca Talley said...

I want to learn how to code . . . just kidding, sort of. I do want to learn how to make those buttons. How can I make a button with an image of my book that others can put on their blogs? Or what about those ads that revolve images on Goodreads (Annette Lyon had one of those) how do I do that?

Marsha Ward said...

I want to know how to sell my ebooks from my website (it's not a blog-hosted site). What I'm looking for is something pretty much in the automatic delivery area: they pay for an ebook via my PayPal account, then the ebook gets emailed to them or they receive a link where they can download it. I'm sort of techy, but be very basic in your instructions.


John Waverly said...

These are great ideas, I'm having a hard time picking the first one to do because I have ideas for each of them. :) Thanks.

Canda said...

How do I resize pictures to fit inside my blog's margins? How do I get rid of random, extra spaces between lines in my blog (I tried just hitting the delete button but it still publishes the extra blank lines.)?

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